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Lale House

Using a family model, people in their 20’s are not always ready to be out on their own, and former youth in care often find it even more challenging. Lale House is a safe, comfortable setting, intended to be used as transition platform with supports in place for the participants who can obtain the skills or training they need to become fully independent.

Lale House is a 5 bedroom (3 up, 2 down) newly renovated, fully contained house in New Westminster offering affordable accommodations to former youth in care age 19 to 28.

The two supported suites are modeled after Aunt Leah’s Support Link Program with the difference that our participants are 19 to 28 and follow the same eligibility and expectations as Lale House. These one bedroom, self-contained, private basement suites both suites have a landlord living upstairs.

Lale House dining room
Lale house kitchen
Lale House living room


  • Former youth from care – 19 to 28 years of age
  • At risk of being homeless or is currently homeless
  • Has a plan towards independence which is supported with some sort of programming *See Expectations

Participants Receive

  • Eligibility to RentSmart/Housing First programs
  • Support through Aunt Leah’s education and employment programs (SEFFY + Bootstraps + Branches/ Essential Skills)
  • Individualized, one on one support and access to Aunt Leah’s services.
  • Reference letter (if earned) from Aunt Leah’s staff.

What’s Provided

  • An affordable private room, utilities included in a furnished house with easy access to transit. Based on individual needs and availability.
  • Shared Kitchen and bathroom.


  • Participants must be able to function with minimal supervision within the home and in the community.
  • Participants must all have a service plan and goals to work on that lead towards full autonomy and independence. For example, If the goal is to have a full-time job, the plan could include trades training and Aunt Leah’s education and career programs to succeed.
  • No drug or alcohol use is permitted on site. No overnight guests, no pets.
  • Be respectful, courteous and cooperative with all Aunt Leah’s staff and with other participants.

This program is generously supported by