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Fresh Food Network

Fresh Food Network & Mom & Baby Program

Creating Food Security through Community

With the support of Dan’s Legacy and REFOOD, who build relationships with local grocery stores and recruit senior volunteers, the Fresh Food Network collects and re-distributes fresh foods that only hours previously were for sale on store floors at full price. This food is re-purposed at Aunt Leah’s to provide the ingredients for nutritional meals to moms and their children, and to stock an emergency food cupboard for youth. The Fresh Food Network also makes regular deliveries to a number of child & senior-serving sister organizations and plays an important role in diverting good-quality food from the landfill.

Mom & Baby Fresh Food Mondays

New motherhood can feel isolating, especially for young women who do not have the support of a family. Every Monday, moms in our programs can socialize and connect with other women, while they pick up fresh groceries, practice their cooking skills or learn about nutrition.

For more information, please contact The Thresholds Coordinator at 778-874-7676.

This program is generously supported by