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Cooking Club

This 12 week program is designed to provide moms with safe cooking skills and experience in preparing food in a home style kitchen. Our goal is to teach moms how to prepare meals from natural ingredients that are delicious, affordable, and nutritious. Our cooking experts work with each student individually and teaching them techniques based on their strengths and abilities. The program works to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made to include moms with disabilities or challenges. Each mom leaves the program with experience in food preparation, kitchen safety and sanitation, food safety and a set of recipes to prepare at home for their family.


The Cooking Club is for moms from Aunt Leah’s House and Thresholds Program with barriers to employment.

Our youth get a comprehensive introduction to food preparation that includes:

  • Nutrition and menu planning
  • Hands-on training in a house kitchen
  • Workshop Certificates in Food Safe and WorldHost
  • 36 hours of on-site training
  • Daily performance evaluations and feedback
  • Food safety knowledge
  • A set of recipes to prepare at home
  • Lunch or Dinner during the workshop
  • Students use the food they create to feed their families
  • Reference letter upon graduation
  • Graduation and/or Participation Certificate
  • Graduation ceremony occurs three times year per each 12-week session

Join the Cooking Club

For more information, please contact the Acting Program Director at 604-525-1204 ext. 230

This program is generously supported by