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Connections Monday Drop-in feast and Monday to Friday services provide support to youth in and from care who are vulnerable to homelessness. By removing barriers and creating pathways to building community connections, Connections provides individualized support and community outings & activities to help prevent youth in and from care from becoming isolated or disconnected from friends, family & community – issues contributing to homelessness among youth from care.

This culturally rich program uses holistic support practices to bring youth together in a safe and supportive environment to create a strong, vibrant and creative community of foster youth who are actively involved in exploring their roots, communities, friends, families and each other.

Program and Drop-in services include:

  • Monday everyone-welcome group feast
  • Sharing circles from various traditional healing practices
  • Individualized long term permanency planning
  • Long term relationship building
  • Outings and cultural community connections
  • Homelessness support services
  • Inter-generational activities and support
  • Family reunification and custodial rights support
  • Court support services

By building upon and exchanging intercultural knowledge from the innately holistic insights of western and Indigenous healing practices, youth will have the opportunity to explore their cultural roots and build connections with each other and their communities, that will support long term relationships and build permanency. Through creative activities, innovative holistic support practices, inter-generational activities, and a vision to build permanent community for all youth in care, Connections brings people together to explore themselves, their communities and each other.

If you are interested, please contact the Acting Program Director, at [email protected] or 604-525-1204 ext. 230

Aunt Leah’s Connections Program is funded by: