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Our programs are designed to create an environment where all children connected to the foster care system have equal opportunities akin to those of parented youth. Similar to a family, we help participants secure safe housing, coach them in essential life skills, and open the doors to a brighter future.
Aunt Leah’s Place provides supportive housing for youth transitioning out of foster care and young mothers in need. We also help former program participants and youths who have “aged out” of foster care secure safe, long-term housing.
Outreach & Drop-in
The Link offers young people tools, resources and a supportive community to help them achieve their goals and become healthy and successful adults. The link acts as the umbrella program for all services and supports Aunt Leah’s offer to former youth in care.
Food Security
Aunt Leah’s food programs help youth from care, and young moms & their children, avoid hunger plus learn the skills to make nutritious, affordable meals. Aunt Leah’s Food Network helps stock these programs, by collecting and re-distributing foods that only hours previously were for sale on store floors at full price.
Aunt Leah’s offers accessible onsite clinical counselling and health care supports through strategic service partnerships. When young people ‘age out’ of the child welfare system, they often also ‘age out’ of pediatric medical and mental health services as well. An onsite clinic and counselling services helps respond to this issue.
Life Skills
Aunt Leah’s life skills programs provide valuable resources and teach participants the essential skills needed to navigate living on their own. Youth and mothers learn through community workshops, hands-on experience and expert counsel.
Education & Employment
Aunt Leah’s education and employment programs help give youth opportunities to jumpstart their life, connect with mentors, and establish a base for a lifetime of success.
Additional Resources
Need help? Here is a list of emergency contacts, youth-specific services, community organizations, and additional resources.
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