There is no pandemic lockdown on generosity

Now more than in other years we need your generous support. Young people without parental support count on Aunt Leah’s place to be their family at Christmas. Many of the youth and moms are experiencing loneliness and isolation but still have taken the time to express their gratitude to Aunt Leah’s Staff.Your generosity allows this continue.

By making a donation today, you will ensure that the youth and moms at Aunt Leah’s Place are not alone this Holiday season. It will provide a gift, a stocking, a festive meal, and a community of caregivers around them.

Join us in making this season a joyful one for the moms and youth at Aunt Leah’s Place. With your help, we can ensure that food security, housing support, and safe birthing experiences continue within a community where kindness prevails.

Every dollar counts

Your support helps kids in foster care and young mothers
achieve a better future.